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 The Writtings of the Lost and Forgotten one...

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Jade Blake


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PostSubject: The Writtings of the Lost and Forgotten one...   2010-03-26, 00:23

~sits down at a table in her small room. and writes in this new journal she picked up~

Dear journal, (she scribbles that out.) To whom it may concern,

These are the thought hopes and dreams of a lost forgotten child... well I am not a child anymore. But i have kept quiet tried not to cause a fuss or draw attention to myself. I am not sure how people would react to me being the daughter of Artimus Morningstar. Mom made me take her name.
So I am Jade Blake...I have my mom's eyes and my dad's blonde hair. I look at old pictures of me and mom and man do I look like her with blonde hair. I have been training in weapons and hand to hand combat. I have been trying to figure out the extent of the elemental abilities that my mom gave me. I mean I am half human and Half elemental elf. I can make small stuff...but i have never pushed myself too far. I have recently noticed a few people I remember mom talking about.
God I miss her. It was just wrong the way she left....she left...me... here alone... *she punches the table* "Ok Jade get ahold of yourself." *she takes a deep breath.* well I will write more later.

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The Writtings of the Lost and Forgotten one...
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