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 a silent return

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PostSubject: a silent return   2012-12-21, 01:36

wanted to try and get back into rp so what better place Smile anyone feel free to jump in. I hope everyone is well! xox))

Oh how things were changed.

Change was something she was used to by now. That forever ebb and flow of time that touches every individual in some way shape or form. It may not show it but it is there. The reins were pulled upon hard by her coach driver and the shudder vibrated the plush carriage causing those jade hues to pull upward from her book to the small curtained window of her vehicle. Fingers pulled back the velvet fabric to reveal her cottage. Just right before your hit the chaotic noise and lively hood of the city lay her escape. Small and quaint just as she had planned it to be. It was her home away from home. But oh how change touched it so. The once kept building was now covered in vines, shutters from within closed up tight to let nothing in or out. She had hired someone to up keep the place and from time to time when she would return to meet with her dear friend she would come to that place of serenity. It was a calm that would wash over her instantly. Away from the prying eyes of her own court she was not a queen here or the wife. She was just a simple woman and it was those moments she treasured the most.

Pulling herself from her seat she swung open the carriage door to view the building just a bit closer. She was dressed simply. A cream colored gown fell upon her curves, the fabric soft and delicate. No beading was to be found on her bodice but small golden threads in designs of flowers and leaves. Her hair wad down as in true fashion when she traveled here. She looked simple, the carriage far more opulent than her attire, but still there was that air around her which never left her no matter what she wore.

"Your highness it looks as if this place has been forgotten"

She would nod to her drivers words, no words she could find yet. She was surprised that it still stood. Since she had heard from her friend and the changes that were occurring she assumed that with it would go her rights to the land that was given to her, but maybe it was simply over looked, or even more likely her dear friend did what she could do to make it untouched.

Aegis was such a beautiful place to her and even now after all this time, with a dying building before her she still felt that way. There was saddness too of course but only slight and more so because of her dear friend Ava who now she had no clue where she was. She came to hopefully find a clue and to see if her little piece of serenity still remained.

Steps pulled her further in. The creak of the cast iron gate was harsh on the ears as gloved fingers pulled open the rusty bars. So many thoughts ran through her mind. Who was even here that would remember her name but it was then she hoped that her return was to go unnoticed. The last thing she wished for was a scene. Yet she did not kid herself into even really imagining that someone would notice the halflings presence.

And so she stood there eyeing every stone, brick and wood frame on the front of her cottage, that feeling of home just ever so faint and dull crept back in.
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a silent return
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