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 Tending the Mundane

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Maire Caladore


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PostSubject: Tending the Mundane   2010-10-29, 10:40

Maire sat within the fragrant room filled with spices finishing the last lableing. Each jar she had was neatly placed upon the shelves, marked with its contents. Measuring cups were hanging on hooks below the shelves, they too were decortive in their own way. The handles were twisted and the cups were pounded pewter, that caught light in their facets adding a sparkle to the eye. A few large barrels of the most common spices were open filled to the brim around the counter. Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and ginger root all ingrediants that could help the medicine go down as well as could be used for cooking.

Maire not only sold herbal teas but she sold remedys for ailments made from plants from her own gardens and the most exotic she had shipped into port. For those that wished items of a rather darker nature, she could be consulted. She knew her poison from her healing potions. This was not a fact she advertised however. Making poison was a delicate business. It ment that it would be used for dark purposes. In the temple in which she had served it was a sacred art not to be given without great need and at the Gods urging. If a poison could be identified she knew the antidotes to many, if it was correctly administered and there was time.

No one would be able to tell that she carried a child within her, her stomacher held her as tight as before. She sung softly under her breath as she wrote labels in her florished script and often looked up at the large paned window at the traffic passing by. She chuckled with amusement as a passing wagon of chickens lost its wheel causing the flimsy cages within to come crashing down . Feathers like snow fell through the air as a panicked driver ran pell mell back and forth trying to catch the fleeing chickens. Chaos erupted as passing children howled with laughter as the fowl would escape the frantic clutches of the driver. A few people struggled to help the driver as the scene was causing traffic to slow upon the avenue.

Upstairs servents from her home were laying in supplies of food and wine and making the upper rooms ready for habitation. As her pregancy progressed she knew that Rensain and she might just choose to stay within the city instead of going home. His portals were very handy but sometimes she had late work to do and he was just exhasted. She told herself that this was the main reason but the unease that had been brewing within her , knew that this was for more then just the ease of a tired body. Letos question still rang in her mind and the niggle that remained was ever present.
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PostSubject: Re: Tending the Mundane   2010-11-07, 21:09

Willow had been hard at work getting things ready at her shop. Making different orders from other shops around the town. She had been working on a special project for the lady with the tea and herb shop. She made up a box and filled it will all kinds of bottles different sizes and shapes. She locked up the shop and made her way down to Lady Maire shop. She slowly opened the door and smiled.

"Good day M'lady. I wanted to show my appreciation for the tip for my shop and I made you up some different bottles you can use for anything." ~she set the box down on the counter.~
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Tending the Mundane
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