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 The Morningstar Protocols

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Artimus Morningstar


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PostSubject: The Morningstar Protocols    2010-07-26, 03:42

This will be only a short entry in my new journal, odd thought for once time is not pressing on me.
It has been only a few days since my return to the island I once proudly called home, and much has changed.
To begin with I had no idea how I would be welcomed back. Yes, when I left I had resigned my post as Captain of the guard, but as I had never received any confirmation of the Queen receiving my resignation, part of my mind wondered if the letter had somehow been intercepted or waylaid. Did she think I simply abandoned my position - and her - for the sake of my heart?

I thought it best to try and get some intel on the situation, so I began to frequent all the taverns in Cape Salarain.

I was mildly surprised to see the changes at The Iron Mermaid. Angel wasn't behind the bar, and the woman serving there appeared to be in charge. Due to posing as a stranger it was unwise to draw attention to myself by asking about her - I must investigate what has happened to her. She was always kind on the too-rare occasions I dropped in for a drink after a meeting in the city.

I wasn't able to obtain any information of real value; well, nothing that could be confirmed. There were several gossiping rumours floating around, but each one seemed to contradict the others. I still hate rumours.

The guards are different people to the ones I left behind. I mean that quite literately, I do not recognise any of the faces.

I decided to venture into Meriddia - risky I knew, but I kept away from the palace and any of the other guards, wearing a hood to cover my face. Not the greatest disguise in the world I know, but in the words of that little shop in Grorr - every little helps.

After spending the day once more finding nothing, I stumbled into a tea merchants shop. That one encounter contained more information that all the taverns combined.
It is run by the wife of Rensain, who it appears has changed his life around. No longer living in Marloc, he now lives out in the thunderplanes, and holds a position of power within the ruling of the island.

I had to pump Rensains wife for more information, which was unfortunate because it involved lying to her; she was so nice to me. It also transpires that Vladamir has married Queen Bathory, and she has now gone missing. Vlad appears to be running the show now.

With that conversation over with, I had decided what to do with myself. I need to get back to the top of physical fitness. Part of me still feels the loyalty I swore all those years ago, and wants to go and rescue the Queen. The other part of me wants me to tell her to go to Hell.

Following on from all these revelations, I decided what I had to do with myself. I headed over to Grorr to pick up a few items I would need.
Whilst there I had the most amazing encounter, and the saddest of news.
It appears Indis, the woman I had returned to find, has been killed. I am still coming to terms with this news, but I discovered that she had a daughter. Mine. Jade is a young girl who was learning the art of combat over at Grorr.

I am still in shock over this news, yet amazingly happy. The happiest I have been for a long time. She seems to have her mothers ability with elements, but seems to be having trouble controlling or using it. I shall have to work with her to teach her better control, which will be difficult as I don't fully understand how she did it.

For the time being I have told her I will train her; she has told me she has no wish to become a guard, she was only going through the training to learn how to fight.
I don't want my daughter entering the guard corps. Now I am free from there, I can see what effect it had on my life. However if she does wish to join in the future, I shall help her to the best of my ability.

I will be beginning her training tomorrow, starting with what will be, for me, the hardest lesson to learn. I hope this training can go bothways, with her helping me to better myself and become a better person.

My only other personal project is to try and find out more about what is happening on the island, and the realm. I have decided to start a list of notable persons, to allow me to update their status as and when I find out.
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Artimus Morningstar


Posts : 1050
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PostSubject: Re: The Morningstar Protocols    2010-07-26, 03:50

The Morningstar Protocols: Part 1:

Queen Bathory: Currently missing.
Vladamir Carthallion: Current King. Seems to be ruling the realm from the Palace in Meriddia
Amarra: Mrs. Rensain told me she passed by, on her way to Icehold along with Jared.
Jared: See above entry.
Kharne Serafin: Unknown at the moment. I must try and make contact with him again.
Rensain: Now lives in the Thunderlands with his wife, and works alongside Vlad in Meriddia.
Maire Caladore: Owns a tea shop in Meriddia.
Angel: Unknown at the moment.
Ralean Swyftblade: Living in Grorr, possibly helping to train the soldiers?
Jaric: Uknown at the moment. Possibly in Icehold.
Scarlet: Unknown at the moment. Could be a possible ally if I decide to rescue Bathory, for the right price. But can I trust her and her crew?
Tekke: Unknown at the moment. Once again, he would be a useful ally.
Maraiana Mashal: Unknown. Is she still at Draco? Despite my deep distrust of her, she would help rescue bathory.
Paige: Unknown. A good fighter, but can she be trusted enough?
Raziel Ravenclaw: Also unknown. Possibly outcast, or killed by now.
Jack Razorwind: Same as Scarlett. He can fight, and for the right price would fight on my side.
Victor: Maybe he knows something? Scarlett may know where he is.
Bon the Goblin: I only met him the once, but I miss seeing his green face around.
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The Morningstar Protocols
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