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 Doing Fathers Errands... and visiting the lady in the tea/herbal shop...

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Jade Blake

Jade Blake

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PostSubject: Doing Fathers Errands... and visiting the lady in the tea/herbal shop...   2010-07-24, 18:17

~she stops by the edge of town catching her breath. running most of the way from the forest.~

"Man I need to work on my stamina. Might help with alot of things especially using my ablities."

~she strolled into town remembering where she had seen the general store. she enters the store and smiles to the clerk.~

"Good sir. I need 10 pound bag of tri-colour rice, a few small bowls, and 2 juicy apples. Please." The clerk nodded and gathered up the things. Spoke the amount due.

"Thank you my good man. And a few extra coins for yourself. I have two more errands to run my I come back here in a few moment to pick up my goods?" The clerk nodded.

"Thank you I shall be back soon." Walking out of the shop and down to the florist. she enters the shop the scent of flowers hit her as she enters.

"Now that smells nice."

~She walks up to the counter~
"Hello. *flashes a smile to the lady behind the counter.* I need a bunch of flowers . It seems its an apology for lying. *she chuckled* So could you put on the card Sorry for lying to you."

~the flower nods and goes about her business. She comes back with a bunch of flowers that are in season with the card sticking out.~

"Thank you so much. There perfect. How much do I owe you?" ~the shopkeeper told her the amount and Jade hands over the amount and with alittle extra.~

"M'lady I am looking for a tea shop? its fairly new or is just about to open? Do you know where its at?"

~she nodded and then proceeded to tell her where it was. Jade took the flowers and went to where the lady and said to go. She knocked on the door. One of the people working there came to the door. He let jade in.~

"I am here just a moment I have these flowers for the owner of the shop." ~she walked over and set them down on the counter.~

"Sorry I can't stay I have to get going. Please make sure she sees them." ~she hands the man a few coins. He nodded and smiled.~

~She walked back over to the shop and put the bowls into her bag along with the Apples. Then thru the bag of tri colored rice over her shoulder and walked to the edge of town. Gave a few glances to see if anyone followed. And then started running toward the camp site.~
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Doing Fathers Errands... and visiting the lady in the tea/herbal shop...
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