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 Visit to a Fair Lady

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Rensain Caladore

Rensain Caladore

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PostSubject: Visit to a Fair Lady   2010-06-28, 22:10

{As agreed upon in his letter, Lord Rensain would arrive by carriage to the main streets of Meriddia. His intention was to see the work that his dear wife had done upon the new building she had bought. He quite looked forward to the endevor since it would be a welcomed break from Vladamir and the demands of Palace life.

His ebony polished shoes pressed against the grey coblestones, and his obsidian cloak covered the fact that he was so well dressed. On most occassions, he adored showing off his expensive attire yet upon this evening he kept it fairly low-key, not wishing to attract the attentions of the other merchants and peasents that mulled about their business.

Hair scooped back and tied with a neat black silk ribbon allowed him clear vision as he glanced up at the sky, noting a mild drizzle of rain. It caused a tut and shake of his head, Rensain's white gloved upturned palm catching but a few drops. With a nudge, the doorman distracted his thoughts by handing Rensain his most precious cane. Nodding with a tilt of his hat to the gentleman, Rensain walked onwards, neatly tucking the cane under one arm.

Posture firm and straight with one arm tucked behind him, Rensain walked as the royal he had been born to be. He found himself rather smug, amazed that he had found contentment with a woman who complimented him so perfectly in every task.

Having turned the second block, Rensain realized he had finally arrived. Per tradition, he took his cane and used it to rap adeptly upon the wooden door.}
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Maire Caladore

Maire Caladore

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PostSubject: Re: Visit to a Fair Lady   2010-06-29, 14:31

Maire had been expecting Rensain. She had been writing work orders and doing more in depth inspections on what needed to be done. Painting and patching of molding, building shelves, not to mention the work that needed to be done in the garden. There also was a green house to be built and the other property needed its garden and sheds looked at. Meghan would help her find the right craftsmen that were honest and were going to charge a fair wage. Rensain didnt mind spending money when warrented but he wanted to be compensated fairly for it.

The sun was going down and Maire had lit a few lanterns, and in its dim light she made her mad notations and her lists. Upon hearing the tap of the cane she gave a wry smile. It could only be Rensain. He obviously didnt need the cane but used it as a extension for tasks, knocking, pointing and of course for helping him complete his dapper appearance. She shifted the papers quickly into a pile and noting the ink smudges on her fingers she vainly tried to wipe them on a nearby rag but to no avail. A quick hand over her skirts and she briskly made her way to the door as not to have Rensain knock twice.

The door flung open and Maire smiled, her eyes lit as if she was seeing him again for the first time. She never quite got over the butterflies and though it was a childish notion she didnt try to quell it. Love was hard enough to attain and its maintance even harder. Rensain stood for everything she desired and she had never turned her eyes upon another.

"I am afraid you are too finely dressed for the shop as it is. I was just so excited I wanted to show it to you" She leaned forward and with the decorum that he expected in public she simply brushed her lips accross his cheek. Taking his hand she pulled him into the dim and slightly musty smelling room. Closing the door away from prying eyes she winked" Now for a proper greeting husband" Her body crossed the distance of inches with a saucy audacity. Without reguard to possibly wrinkling his clothing she let her hands entwine in thier familar place behind his neck as her lips found his with purpose and always the hint of unbridled passion underlying.

She broke from the kiss her eyes alight even in the subdued lighting of the room"If you are a ready for a tour I have much to show you "
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Visit to a Fair Lady
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