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 Journal to Lily...

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PostSubject: Journal to Lily...   2010-06-16, 15:34

*looking into her bag on her shoulder she pulls out a blue leather book. tracing the ensign on the cover. that of a lily she takes out her ink well and feather pen and starts to write.*


Dearest Lily,

Today has been fairly good so far. There is a place around here called the thunderlands. I would like to go sometime to see if i can find that special glass that happens when lightning hits the ground. I am hoping this will be the place I can call home. I am sorry I left you on that hill. But you should be good there. The flowers should be just about in. I miss you so much. I am hoping that I will be able to put up a shop too. I need to go there is much to do. I will write again later.


*taking a breath looking out to the sky. she places the book and the pen and ink back into her bag.*
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Journal to Lily...
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